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All jewelry purchased at Perrywinkle’s is covered, with no extra charge, by this limited warranty for as long as you own it. Each item will be described, along with its registry information.


30 DAY UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY covers any damage to your jewelry, including damage to the setting and damage or loss of the gemstones at no cost to you. (1) The loss of the entire piece is not covered.

LIFETIME GEMSTONE LOSS WARRANTY covers the replacement of your diamonds or gemstones due to a defect in the setting, at no cost to you, for as long as you own your jewelry provided it has been inspected according to the terms described in this document. (1)

14 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE allows for a refund or exchange provided your jewelry is in new condition. Not included are special ordered or custom made jewelry, jewelry with personal engraving, and diamonds inscribed with personal messages.

DIAMOND GRADE GUARANTEE assures you that if, upon your undertaking, an internationally recognized gemological lab (GIA, IGI, or AGS) assigns a lower clarity grade than what is stated on your certified Perrywinkle’s diamond, Perrywinkle’s will pay you $1,000 in cash and provide, in place of your diamond, a diamond with a comparable certificate from one of the aforementioned labs.

FREE SERVICES include one free sizing at the time of your purchase. In addition, you will receive a free jar of jewelry cleaner at your first inspection and we will steam clean and inspect your jewelry — at no charge — for life. (2)

DIAMOND JEWELRY TRADE-UP allows you, at any time, to trade-up the center stone of your diamond engagement ring, anniversary ring, solitaire pendant, or stud earrings toward diamond jewelry of at least double the stone value (not including the setting), and receive your full purchase price of the original stone registered in this document.