1. Select your diamond by viewing it under a high-quality microscope with a diamond expert who can show you how your diamond matches its grading report.

2. Select your diamond by viewing a selection of diamonds in different lighting conditions placed next to each other so that you can see the difference in fire, brightness, scintillation and luster.

3. Only choose a diamond with a GIA grading report with an inscription.

4. Choose only a responsibly sourced finely crafted hand-set ring manufactured in North America with a lifetime warranty on defects.

5. Do not buy online due to these reasons:

A. A diamond's luster or beauty cannot be determined without viewing it.

B. Whether the diamond falls high or low within each grade cannot be determined without viewing it under a microscope. For example, is the diamond a good SI1 or a weak SI1?

C. It is a major hassle to return a diamond purchased online if it turns out to be disappointing.

D. A diamond’s fluorescence affects its beauty but cannot be determined without viewing it. A GIA grading report makes no determination on whether the fluorescence causes oily or haziness in the diamond.

6. Choose a diamond with a Lifetime Warranty including a grade guarantee, a trade-in guarantee, and including a no hassle refund so that you can insist on a second opinion.

7. Don't risk buying your diamond from a jeweler without a highly rated long-term reputation.