Move over diamonds, there's a new forever in town!

Forever bracelets are custom-fit to your wrist, featuring a sleek silhouette with no clasp. Perrywinkle’s jewellers are on-site to assist you in your choice of sterling silver, 14K and 18K gold chains. With a quick zap, you and your loved ones can leave with an everlasting reminder of your unbreakable bonds.

We have a selection of chains to choose from:

Sterling Silver $95
14K Gold $195
18K Gold  $295


Prices do not include tax. Payments taken on the spot.

Call us at 802-865-2624 or book an appointment

We will try our best to accommodate for walk-ins, however there is no guarantee without an appointment.

Please note that all members of a group are required to be present.

*Forever Bracelets are only available in our Burlington and Plattsburgh stores.