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Choosing the perfect diamond will mean the world to your girlfriend, something she’ll remember for life. And it’s easy to choose the perfect one, if you break it down into just a few simple explanations. Avoid old school explanations such as “The Four C’s” that OVERSIMPLIFY what you need to know.

So what do you need to know? First, you need to understand that a diamond started off as a lump of carbon – the same material as the “lead” in your pencil. But it’s a unique crystalized form of carbon – just as a snowflake is a water crystal, rock candy is a sugar crystal and salt is a sodium crystal. You’ll also need to know about your diamond’s shape, size, purity, color, sparkle, brilliance, fire, fluorescence, finish, symmetry, crystal structure, and evaluation documents and how each of these characteristics relate to its price.

Perrywinkle’s makes it easy to understand these factors, ensuring that your diamond is amongst the most brilliant in the world. Even easier, you’ll notice that Perrywinkle diamonds have more sparkle and are more visually beautiful than ones at nearby stores or ones purchased on the internet.

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