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Devotion is a diamond brand for couples who treasure the extraordinary. Designed in Vermont with a fresh perspective, Devotion engagement rings are crafted with our unique patented diamonds, each with an inner fire that can almost be described as “alive.”

Devotion engagement rings are unlike any other; each one is serialized and customizable, possessing eternal beauty, vanguard design, and something a bit more elusive: the knowledge that each Devotion ring is as special as the woman wearing it.

Devotion rings are created with an unmatched execution of scale and geometry, and a fanatical attention to detail and finish. Our aesthetic palate breathes fresh life into classic designs, producing a modern interpretation of lasting luxury. While complex in design, our rings are comfortable and “read” with elegant simplicity.

We believe in reaching for the stars with diamonds, design, and our relationship with you, so when you visit us at Devotion you’ll experience our Vermont sensibilities. We’re warm, caring, and passionate about everything, especially when it comes to making sure that your discerning taste is reflected to all.

Nothing symbolizes lasting love like a diamond from Devotion.